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Some information about us

The team are led by one of the UK’s leading Cosmetic Breast Surgeon. By using the latest 3D morphing technology we can take the guessing out Breast Surgery. Your surgery doesn’t have to be expensive and we have many finance options available. Our state of the art technology and our top cosmetic surgeons can guarantee you the best all round surgery package available.

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This site is widely regarded as the most informative on breast surgery available and is presented in both video/TV as well as an e-book (The Good Boob Bible) which is the only UK published book on cosmetic breast surgery written for the lay person.

Our team of surgeons led by Miles Berry and Nick Percival have recently won the prestigious prize for the best aesthetic paper published in JPRAS one of six papers published by us in this prestigious journal this year.

Our website presents information in an unbiased way giving you the knowledge to make an informed decision about which surgeon or company to use, what type of breast prosthesis is best and what type of operation is required to get the best result. We also provide you with detailed information about 3D Scanning and operations for droopy breasts such as Dual Plane and Mastopexy as well as long term maintenance surgery.

For more information about breast augmentation surgery please navigate through the windows above, you will find lots of information in our FAQ and Q&A sections.

Naturally we hope you will come to us for your surgery but if you have had surgery elsewhere and now require advice, screening or maintenance then we would be more than happy to offer our expertise. This website also offers general information items such as breast development and the social importance of the breast and brassieres.

Simply Better Breasts is owned by surgeons and we provide the highest quality surgery and packages, our aftercare is second to none and you will receive all the necessary information and support from your first consultation to our extensive aftercare.