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Golf Balls and Breast Prosthesis

Golf ball technology is rapidly changing. scientific advancements have made the polyurethane cover softer to allow better grip on the greens and the centre to make them go further.

Breast implant technology has also changed in that the cover can be covered in Polyurethane to decrease hardness (the mesh which disintegrates, confuses the scar tissue around the prosthesis) and changes to the cross linkage of the silicone in the centre alters the stickiness or cohesiveness allowing shaped implants to be used but more importantly the easier removal of the silicone if the prosthesis ruptures.

Giving Cosmetic Surgery a bad name!

A recent article in the Sunday Times published what is well known by those within the profession i.e., that cosmetic medicine and surgery seems to have become a free-for-all, run more along the lines of a finance house or commercial lines. As with a tin of beans if all goes well there will be no risks. The problem arises, however, when things do not go according to plan.

My breasts are very droopy or a different size and shape

Correcting droopy or asymmetrical breasts with breast augmentation surgery

Many women find themselves unhappy with their breast size or shape following pregnancy. Others might have noticed changes as they got older, while some women may never have felt comfortable with their breasts. For most women unhappy with their breasts, there are three common issues that usually cause dissatisfaction: a lack of volume, droopiness or asymmetry.

Reports this week from British Medical Journal with more evidence from the USA on Mammography results!

Screening Mammography resulted in over diagnosis in 1.3 million women in the past 30 years. The study in the New England journal of medicine estimates that more than 70,000 women in the US were over diagnosed in 2008 representing almost a third of all cases in breast cancer diagnosed in women aged 40 or over. Although the rate of death from cancer fell considerably this was largely due to the result of better treatment, not screening.

This study further raises the question about screening.

What size and type of prosthesis should I chose?

Choosing the right size and type of prosthesis for breast augmentation surgery

When it comes to choosing a suitable prosthesis for breast augmentation surgery it’s important that you pick the right size and type – get it wrong and you might find that in ten years’ time you’re living with regrets.

How long do breast implants last for?

If you are thinking about getting a breast augmentation, amongst the many things you must consider before deciding what type of breast implant is best for you, how long the breast implants of your choice will last for.

Breast implants normally last for at least 10 years but do not last forever. On top of the type of breast implant that you choose, there are many other factors that will affect how long breast implants will last.

Type of breast implant

PIP reaches the High Court!

Mary Blyth, solicitor at Harrison Fowler representing 168 women in a class action says the faulty PIP Breast Implants case has now reached the high court. It is aimed at private clinics that carried out the procedures and their insurers. It is estimated that each of them will claim about 20,000 in compensation and damages which would cover the cost of psychological damage and corrective surgery.

Solicitors representing the women will next appear before the high court in January. It is estimated that over 47,000 women had PIP inserted in the UK!

Protecting yourself against things going wrong - The Best Choice

Making the best choices for your breast augmentation

Before committing to breast augmentation surgery there are various factors your must
consider in order to make the best choice and protect yourself against things going wrong.

Choosing the right surgery and surgeon

One of the main factors to consider before undergoing breast augmentation is which surgery
and surgeon you will use for the operation. Before having breast implants it is important to
shop around and to get more than one consultation. Things to bear in mind when choosing the

Why tighter regulations are needed for Breast Augmentation

The recent scandal surrounding PIP breast implants has forced the government to consider whether or not tougher regulations are needed when it comes to cosmetic surgery. The problem became apparent when spot checks uncovered the fact that silicone used in PIP implants was not medical grade. By then it was too late – thousands of women had already had the prosthesis implanted into their bodies.

Cosmetic Surgery and Advertising

The Government is undertaking a review of Cosmetic Surgery. ‘The Keogh review’ intends to introduce safeguards to protect the public.

We think that;

  1. All Injectable cosmetic materials should be classified as in the USA as medicines, they would therefore have to pass stringent regulations before being allowed to be used in the UK and only by doctors.
  2. The term surgeon, cosmetic surgeon, plastic surgeon should have legal protection. Such practitioners should be on a compulsory register.
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