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Less is more?

In reference to the six page article in the Sunday Times Style Magazine entitled ‘Let’s get it off our chest’ along with a nude cover photo showing extensive rippling of her chest consistent with Breast Augmentation.

Much of the article is a rehash of the importance of the female breast through the ages with a 20th/21st Century classification of happy sacred and luxury boobs. The conclusion is that breast revealing is so common now that it is passé and French ladies breasts are espoused to be the best even though breast augmentation is more common in France than the UK.

From a woman’s point of view her breasts are primarily for nurturing her babies and are a sign of femininity and often provide sexual sensual feelings. The original pin- up was of 'The Madonna' showing her breasts giving her infant, Jesus both physical and spiritual nurturing.

Fashion now dictates size and shape and women seem keen to respond.

From a man’s point of view, part display of the breasts is a very strong sexual signal reinforcing his initial dependence for his mother while breast feeding. Over exposure is not such a strong signal and can lead to complacency. The cleavage mimics the buttocks and in some African tribes such as the Nuba tribe where nudity of Sudan is the norm. The buttocks are actually considered a much stronger signal than the breasts. This may also be a reason why plastic surgeons in Brazil are the leaders in Buttock Augmentation.