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Placenta Facial ~ The Latest Celebrity Endorsed Cosmetic Treatment

The skin is a fantastically efficient organ and ‘Macintosh’; it’s designed to keep water (which is what we are principally made of) in and keep foreign chemicals out.

Having read an article in the Times, this highlights fashion trends mostly in people that have more money than sense.

The treatment consists of microdermabrasion and then rubbing in placental extracts in a gold leaf serum and is either human afterbirth from Russia or from animals in Switzerland. At best this cream is not absorbed and therefore will do no good.

At worst if it is absorbed, it will act as a foreign protein causing possibly allergy and rejection.

This reiterates the urgent action to impose regulation in this country as this will;

  • Save people with more money than sense from being ripped off
  • Protect the public from potential physical harm from doctors who are probably not covered by their medical insurance undertaking unproven medical treatments