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Choosing Breast Implants with Simply Better Breasts

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At Simply Better Breasts we want to help you make the best and most informed decisions possible in terms of choosing your breast implants and we can do this by providing you with quality information.

Some important facts about breast implants

  • They are not perfect
  • They don’t last forever
  • They may require maintenance, sometimes more than once

Things that you need to consider when selecting your prosthesis:

Naturalness versus Durability: The general rule is that the longer an implant lasts the fewer reoperations are required. If you want the implant to last longer the trade-off is naturalness. Naturalness is relative and depends on what you as a woman bring to the operation i.e. are your tissues thick or thin? What do you want? What are you willing to accept? Most importantly, however is the amount of scar tissue you make around the prosthesis.

Cohesive Gel is best: It allows naturally shaped or round prosthesis to be used, it is easy to remove if there is a rupture and there are fewer ripples.

The shell of the implant is important: It should be layered for strength; it should have a layer to stop silicone bleed and have a rough textured surface to decrease capsular contracture. Not all texturing is the same.

Implant warranties are misleading: The main cost for replacement is not for the breast implants but the hospital, surgeon and anaesthetist which are not covered by warranties.

Please Note: Simply Better Breasts NAGOR prosthesis because they are the largest UK manufacturers, they have a lifetime warranty and are the only UK suppliers who have insurance with Lloyds Underwriters for indemnity against product and patient liability.

Polyurethane and Saline: Polyurethane covered implants have a place in clinical practice especially in patients with severe capsular contracture.

Saline filled prosthesis have an increased rupture rate, more rippling but less capsular contracture.

Vector 3D analysis: This technology is done through computer morphing gives the best guide to size and shape of the prosthesis that should be used. It is the only accurate way of measuring difference of sizes of breasts.

The bigger the breast you request the worse it will look over time. Augment or not, your tissues don’t improve with time, they are not static.

Simply Better Breasts offers full vector 3D analysis and uses only the highest quality breast implants.

Simply Better Breasts owned by Surgeons is simply the best.

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