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Choosing the operation

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Dr Dai Davies offers advice on choosing the operation.

The number one complication of breast augmentation is hardening or capsular contracture. Using the ABBA technique we offer you the lowest rate of hardening available. Whether you have your operation with us or not you must make sure your surgeon is aware of this technique, if they are not then you are not getting the best operation you can.

There is a lot more information on the site that helps you to choose your operation, please visit our Surgery Q & A page which can be found here, you will find various questions down the left hand side of the page and a video on each page answering the question.

Alternatively you can access more information through the tiles on the homepage.

For further information please view the Q&A sections of our website or contact us on the following:

Call 0800 644 0321 or e-mail us at

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