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Does my bottom look big in this?

In a relationship study of over 1200 men conducted recently up to ¼ risked the wrath of their partner by considering they needed improvement by cosmetic surgery. Half of these charming fellows would have failed that most dangerous of female questions – ‘does my bottom look.…?) – by actually telling them!

Of those proposing surgery, 60%, plumped for liposuction with breast enlargement being next on the wish list. These figures may indicate that fashion is changing or men are not as breast-obsessed as popular culture would have it. The ‘muffin top’ may be taking over from the ‘Jordan generation’.

There is, however, a serious point worth making and that is no-one, not a single person, should give the remotest consideration of undergoing cosmetic surgery for anybody else, neither a partner, nor an employer. It is the patient and the patient alone who runs all the risks of anaesthesia and surgery, even if they are pretty low these days in experienced hands. Even the ‘dog that is for life, not just for Christmas’ may find sanctuary at Battersea, breast augmentation truly has lifelong consequences. Certain partners may not be quite so durable!