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My breasts are very droopy or a different size and shape

Correcting droopy or asymmetrical breasts with breast augmentation surgery

Many women find themselves unhappy with their breast size or shape following pregnancy. Others might have noticed changes as they got older, while some women may never have felt comfortable with their breasts. For most women unhappy with their breasts, there are three common issues that usually cause dissatisfaction: a lack of volume, droopiness or asymmetry.

For many women, the concern caused by their breasts can lead to significant levels of distress, and this is why many of them may consider breast surgery. But while everyone is aware that surgery exists for making breasts larger, some women may not know that breast augmentation surgery can also help correct drooping or asymmetrical breasts.

The ABBA method

The BEST breast augmentation surgery methods is known as the ABBA method. Using this technique our surgeon makes a cut in the crease under the breast and the prosthesis is washed in antibiotic solution which is placed underneath a pocket of muscle. No drains are necessary and the patient is prescribed antibiotics for 5 days post-surgery. While this method is the safest because it has the lowest incidence of capsular contracture, a slight adjustment is needed when treating droopy breasts.

Correcting droopy breasts

To tackle sagging breasts the prosthesis is still washed in antibiotic solution and a sub-mammary crease incision is still made. However, instead of placing the prosthesis completely under the muscle, the muscle is divided and the prosthesis is placed half under and half over. This causes the nipple to lift, making the breast look pert (also known as Dual Plane or Bi Planar).

Making breasts symmetrical

For women with asymmetrical breasts the surgical procedure isn’t really changed from the typical ABBA method. However, choosing the right prostheses to ensure that breasts look natural and symmetrical becomes much more important. Thankfully choosing a suitable prosthesis isn’t down to guesswork as 3D vector analysis can help predict how a prosthesis will change the size and shape of an individual’s breast.

Breast augmentation surgery isn’t a magic pill that will instantly give you the breasts you desire. It requires major surgery for a start. Having a highly experienced surgeon performing perfected techniques and implanting high quality prosthesis is, thankfully, in the majority of cases perfectly safe. However, there are still risks to consider, making a consultation absolutely essential before you make any decisions with a surgeon who looks after you now and for years to come.