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Cosmetic Surgery and Advertising

The Government is undertaking a review of Cosmetic Surgery. ‘The Keogh review’ intends to introduce safeguards to protect the public.

We think that;

  1. All Injectable cosmetic materials should be classified as in the USA as medicines, they would therefore have to pass stringent regulations before being allowed to be used in the UK and only by doctors.
  2. The term surgeon, cosmetic surgeon, plastic surgeon should have legal protection. Such practitioners should be on a compulsory register.
  3. Surgeons work should be audited so that freelance operators such as a surgeon undertaking ‘breast cleavage operations’ have their work and outcomes audited rather than ‘they do thousands’
  4. There should be an insurance scheme to protect patients from medical device scandals. At present the PIP scandal shows that patients having Breast Augmentation have less consumer protection than someone buying a kettle.
  5. Oversees Surgeons working in the UK should have the same insurance as British based surgeons
  6. Cosmetic Surgery Advertising should be severely restricted.

At present advertising in the cosmetic world is self-regulated but many offer discounts or financial inducements for multiple procedures and works against the better interests of most patients. After all the function of advertising is to inform and persuade and stimulate demand.

The criteria for operating on patients who are not ill or physically deformed should be more stringent than for curing illness or correcting disease.

Advertising by promoting DIS-EASE encourages patients to take risks.

France has out lord advertising for aesthetic surgery as well as defining who can do cosmetic surgery.