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Giving Cosmetic Surgery a bad name!

A recent article in the Sunday Times published what is well known by those within the profession i.e., that cosmetic medicine and surgery seems to have become a free-for-all, run more along the lines of a finance house or commercial lines. As with a tin of beans if all goes well there will be no risks. The problem arises, however, when things do not go according to plan.

We share BAAPS’ recent recommendations that invasive procedures, be they medical or surgical, should be undertaken only by those with proper training and adequate experience. Importantly, such practitioners are aware of the adverse effects or complications so minimise them and can manage them appropriately on the rare occasion that they occur.

Professor Sir Bruce Keogh’s review into the regulation of the cosmetic services industry in Britain is due in March 2013. We hope the report will start to shift the balance away from the ‘cowboys’ of the Sunday Times’ article and back towards the surgeons and trained practitioners.