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Golf Balls and Breast Prosthesis

Golf ball technology is rapidly changing. scientific advancements have made the polyurethane cover softer to allow better grip on the greens and the centre to make them go further.

Breast implant technology has also changed in that the cover can be covered in Polyurethane to decrease hardness (the mesh which disintegrates, confuses the scar tissue around the prosthesis) and changes to the cross linkage of the silicone in the centre alters the stickiness or cohesiveness allowing shaped implants to be used but more importantly the easier removal of the silicone if the prosthesis ruptures.

Just as in golf it is not the equipment that is so important but how it is used. In breast augmentation the most important factor in preventing capsular contracture is the surgical technique used by the surgeon. It is proven that the ABBA technique used by our surgeons of meticulous atraumatic dissection and avoiding low grade infection by using a submammary incision and antibiotic washes, minimal handling of the implant and prolonged antibiotic use afterwards is the best.

Because it takes time, it is not widely used in the United Kingdom.