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‘Fly in, Fly out’

In medical litigation a surgeon’s performance is judged by the standard of what a reasonable consultant plastic surgeon should provide, and compared with other plastic surgeons.

This includes:

Preoperative consultations - where the patient’s suitability, options available and the surgical procedure with possible complications are explained.

The Operation - where the technical performance is assessed.

Post-operative Care - given and supervised by the surgeon who performed the operation.

If any one of the three areas is substandard then the surgeon may be found negligent.
Many surgical companies employ surgeons who fly in from abroad or travel around the country, and often the major part of the pre-operative consultation is performed by someone else – a councillor.

The Operation may be part of a ‘factory schedule’ e.g. the surgeon performing fourteen Breast Augmentations in day.

The surgeon leaves the next day and all subsequent post-operative care is undertaken by a nurse working for the company. It is sometimes difficult to see how our ‘fly in, fly out’ surgeons can fully satisfy the above criteria.

Also of concern with these surgeons is that they carry the can for the company when litigation occurs but often they do not have the same insurance cover as British Surgeons.

Beware, cost is what you pay, value is what you get!