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Anaesthetic Q&A

Is there anything else I can do?

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This is a team effort. We need to know that you have given us the correct answers to your medical profile and that you follow closely the pre and post-operative care plans.

Will I be sick after?

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You will be given anti-sickness medication routinely at the end of your operation and there are several drugs that can be used. IV anaesthesia can decrease the risk.

I am overweight, is this dangerous?

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Being moderately overweight is not a contraindication. Being overweight can be associated with high blood pressure and diabetes which can increase risks. Mobilising after the operation is vital.

I smoke, is this a problem?

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Smoking more than 5 cigarettes a day can increase complications such as bleeding, Chest infections and Capsular Contracture. Try to stop 6 weeks before surgery. Stop 24 hours before and at least 72 hours following the procedure.

I am asthmatic; could I be allergic to the anaesthetic medicines?

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You are no more likely to have an asthma attack under anaesthetic, providing you control as you would usually, you should take your inhalers and bring them with you to hospital.

I am scared I will wake up during the operation

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The level of anaesthesia is constantly monitored and adjusted during the operation and awareness is very rare with the drugs used for this operation.

Can it be done under sedation?

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Yes, however the same drugs are used for sedation as for anaesthetic and it is actually safer to have a tube in your mouth to keep the airway open.

How dangerous is an anaesthetic?

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Anaesthetics are extremely safe for fit healthy patients and death under anaesthesia is very rare. Your anaesthetist will be monitoring your breathing and blood pressure at all times.

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