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The Cancer Gamble

The report out this week from the Department of Health and Cancer Research UK shows that women between the ages of 50 and 70 who undergo breast screening are 3 times as likely to be treated for cancer that would never have harmed them as they are to have their lives saved.

Screening cured 1300 women in 1 year of breast cancer but a further 4000 underwent treatment or investigation for breast cancer that would not have harmed them. The problem is that mammograms are not 100% reliable and there are several different types of breast cancer, even identical cancers do not necessarily behave the same.

From now on, ladies as part of informed consent will be given a choice of how they wish to be treated. The problem is that this will be a very individual decision and most ladies will find it very difficult.

Unfortunately ladies are not alone and for men the problem is exactly the same with Carcinoma of the Prostrate.

Ladies who have had Breast Augmentation can rest assured that the implants and surgery will not interfere with a diagnosis of Breast Cancer. Especially if they are placed under the muscle and although ladies with breast augment who develop breast cancer may have slightly more advanced disease at the time of diagnosis, their overall prognosis is the same. Some ladies are nervous about having mammograms with implants in place. They should not avoid routine screening as this can be done in places with special expertise such as with Simply Better Breasts.