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At Simply Better Breasts, we want to make the process of choosing breast augmentation treatment simpler, by providing you with the information you require to make an informed choice.

  1. The Best Patient: has taken time to research the facts and realises that just because her friend had it done, she will not be the same. It will improve your self-confidence if you do it for yourself but not if you do it for someone else.
  2. The Best Surgeons: they have fewer complications; they take time and are thorough with their consultation, the operation and the aftercare.
  3. The Best Insurance: All surgeons have to be insured, not all insurances are the same; ask for Surgery Shield. If you are doing this through a company, ask what insurance they have and read the small print. You don’t want to be left like many PIP patients without any comeback.
  4. The Best Technique: There are proven best ways of doing this operation i.e. quicker recovery with less hardening. The ABBA technique involves a Sub Mammary incision an under the muscle pocket, antibiotic washes and antibiotics for five days and no drains.
  5. The Best Implants: They are not all the same. Ask your surgeon why he recommends the particular prosthesis he is going to use. Most of them have guarantees but what is important for you is who pays the hospital and medical costs for replacement.
  6. The Best Sizing: 3D computer modelling is best. All breasts are asymmetric, they are sisters not twins. The larger you go, the more complications there will be.
  7. The Best Recovery: The ABBA technique is proven to get you back to normal activity including driving and washing your hair quickest. The operation takes time and care; so many surgeons don’t do it.
  8. The Best Long Term Care: Will your surgeon or company be around in ten years’ time? Several large companies involved in the PIP implant scandal have gone into voluntary liquidation and re-opened using virtually the same name to avoid any obligations to ckytheir patients. Read the small print!
  9. The Best Value: You get what you pay for. You and your body deserve the best. Paying the most does not guarantee the best result. Paying the least certainly doesn’t guarantee the best result. With interest free loans remember you pay one way or the other. Look for the best value, which may not be the cheapest.
  10. The Happiest Patient: will have done her research thoroughly, understands there are the possibility of complications, has chosen the best surgeon and remains optimistic and enthusiastic.

Simply Better Breasts owned by Surgeons is simply the best.

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